Gelert Dog Training

Puppy socialisation classes a guide for owners

Gelert dog training believes in early socialisation of dogs.
This is the most fundamental part of dog training.

Socialisation involves teaching your puppy to relate to others.
This means other dogs, other humans and everyday life.
These important lessons will hopefully stay with the dog for life.
Without this social skill you dog may grow up in fear of life.

Why socialisation?

It is not difficult to have your relatives, friends and their children around.
Even your neighbour’s animals are all willing to greet your new puppy.
Your puppy needs to meet strangers of all different ages and type.  
To be under control, to do as you require, on your terms.
Dogs have a body language all of their own.  They learn this and that off others,
at an early age if they miss out on the social side they may be frightened, shy or
even aggressive towards other dogs or people.
During the course
Other members of the course will handle your puppy.  
You will handle the other puppies.  
You will be informed of first aid, teething, toilet training, worming, basic obedience and   general care of your puppy.
During the course you will see your puppy and the other puppies develop into
happy obedient dogs who will give you pleasure for years to come.

Make your rules NOW! And Keep them

A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog
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